Kitchen Remodeling Portland Oregon before and after pictures & video

John Webb Construction & Design LLC, designed and remodeled this home.

One of our carpenters “Vinny”, took this raw footage to keep his wife up to date with what he was doing at work.

The kitchen remodel in Portland Oregon was great success using modern black cabinetry with white pental “Carrera” quartz. Traditional subway tile was used as the backsplash.

The entire kitchen was moved from the middle of the home to to back of the house where new french doors were added to the back patio. Removing several walls created and open floor plan for the living room and dining room. 4 new skylights were added. Hardwood floors were installed where tile used to be. The New Oak hardwood floors match the existing Oak extremely well. The modern home concept was thought up by the home owners but John Webb designed the space to be more than what the home owners thought it could be.

The laege island in the kitchen remodel created a family gathering spot for dinner, home work and board games. All new appliances were installed except for the refrigerator. A large 36″ Kraus stainless farm sink is a feature the home owners absolutely love.

IKEA Gnosjo cabinets are the flush black modern cabinetry that you see. IKEA cabinets are a great way to have an amazing product and save money on your overall budget.

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  1. yangpny
    October 31, 2014

    Nice! Thanks for sharing

  2. Tinsel Town
    August 5, 2015

    the walls you took out were they not loadbearing?

  3. Levi
    December 3, 2016

    Hey there fellow Portlander. Um, uh… doesn't putting lights in the skylight kinda defeat the purpose of the skylight? O_o

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