LiquidPiston XMini in a Gokart 4 hp – 4 lbs!

Like this video? Would you like to see more in the future? Please hit the subscribe button to help this channel out. Liquid Piston, a company that develops advanced rotary engines based on its patented thermodynamic cycle and engine architecture, today announced the first ever proof of concept of its innovative XMini rotary engine with the release of this video.

To demonstrate the viability of the engine, the LiquidPiston team removed the go-kart’s traditional 39-pound engine and replaced it with the four-pound X Mini. Click here to see photos of the installation process and to see the go-kart in action. Also on Tuesday, for the first time, interested parties can place orders for the X Mini dev kit here.

The X Mini is an engine that will enable many small engine applications to be smaller, lighter, and quieter. The engine’s improved noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) characteristics will also increase product performance, enhance operator comfort and prolong application life. The X Mini has the potential to enable entirely new applications not possible with current engine technology, and will improve applications such as:
Handheld power equipment
Lawn and garden equipment
Portable generators
Unmanned aerial vehicles/drones
Range extenders for electric vehicles
Auxiliary power units for boats, aviation and other vehicles

Additionally, last March, LiquidPiston signed a $1 million agreement with DARPA to develop fuel-efficient, lightweight, heavy-fueled, rotary combustion engine for the U.S. Military.

About LiquidPiston

LiquidPiston, Inc. develops compact, quiet, fuel efficient, low vibration, multi-fuel capable combustion engines that are scalable from 1 horsepower to over 1000 horsepower. The company’s patented High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle (HEHC), an improved thermo-dynamic cycle, and engine architecture enable LiquidPiston to create engines optimized for fuel efficiency. LiquidPiston’s engines have only two primary moving parts a shaft and rotor, resulting in compact size and low vibration operation. Although they are rotary engines, LiquidPiston’s engines are not Wankel engines; they are uniquely configured to adopt the company’s patented thermodynamic cycle and its associated efficiency and low noise benefits.

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  1. Edward Hawker
    June 19, 2016

    ☆ ☆ ♧

  2. Gambini
    July 11, 2016

    it´s the first implementation of a functional X engine?

  3. Toe Toeknee
    December 2, 2016

    Can't wait to see it in s from. DARPA has a contract to probably do that.

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