Living In a Shipping Container – Interior Design Ideas from a Ship

This trip gave me many ideas for building my little house out of shipping containers.
This tiny house will probably be one of the safest house i will ever live in.
Shipping container house is strange to say but will be one of the coolest places to be in.
If you explore a little on how these cruise ships are built, you will find out that these cabins are actually solid steel boxes as any shipping container box.
These type of tiny homes could be what you need if you have some acreage and want to build a safe place away from home on your land. or maybe your one of those weirdo’s like me that want live off the grid one day.
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Cargo box house tour. (cruise ship)

Mr. Daniel 0078

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  1. Juan Maldonado
    April 21, 2016

    Cool Idea!

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