Living Like Greek Gods in One of the Most Luxurious Beach Homes in the World!

Living Like Greek Gods in One of the Most Luxurious Beach Homes in the World!
An Exclusive, Private Villa Where Fantasy Is Reality! Perched on a windswept dune in south-eastern Providenciales, overlooking the rugged limestone terrain, the dark, irisrimmed horizon and pristine white sands of Long Bay Beach in the Turks and Caicos Islands, stands Mandalay – proud testament to barefoot elegance.
Built on the laws of attraction, in spite of its lavishness, at its core Mandalay is pure enjoyment; an enthralling pleasure dome where formal meets informal, indoors meets outdoors, house meets beach.
Mixing fire and water, at the centre of this aquatic kingdom, an extravagant pool lounge is equipped with an ambient blue recycled-glass fire pit around which guests may enjoy an evening under celestial skies, mirrored down below by a dazzling light display from LED lights inconspicuously strewn throughout the pool.
A cathedral ceiling, reaching as high as 20 feet, reveals a clever geometric system of Philippine mahogany slats laid half an inch apart over black felt paper to create an illusion of a never-ending ceiling in constant motion; a projector quietly descends from its home in the cupola belying the past and revealing a smart, contemporary house, controlled locally and remotely by Creston technology.
Just 40 feet from the ocean, a double staircase frames the furthest reaches of the pool winding up from the powder soft sands of the beach to the kitchen, formal living spaces and master bedroom.
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