MAKING CURTAINS – YouTube – Step by Step guide – Part 1 Material Preparation

A simple video showing you how to make basic curtains. Additional videos show you some of the various curtain heading finishes such as pinch pleat, eyelet, pencil pleat and tab top.

Part 1 shows preparing the material ready for making the curtains.

It is important that you measure your windows correctly so the curtains will give a professional finish. Please visit our measuring guides for curtains

Various curtain poles and styles of curtain headings are better suited to certain situations. Eyelet curtains for example cannot be fitted into a bay window and pinch pleat curtains are too bulky for a small cloakroom window.

Please see our guides on the different types of curtains.

It is equally important that your beautifully made curtains are hung to look their best advantage. Please see our range of stunning curtain poles

and curtain tracks.


1. Set up an ironing board next to the biggest table you can find and gather all the things you need together for making your curtains.
2. Cover the table top with a heavy blanket and a sheet over the top to protect the surface of the table.
3. Take the finished curtain length of the curtains and add 15cms to the bottom for the hem and 5cms for the top for the heading.
4. Make sure the hem line follows the same section of the curtain pattern.
5. Cut the selvage off and turn the sides of the curtains in by 5 cms either side.
6. Make sure your curtain fabric can be ironed with the steam iron. Silks and voile fabrics especially need to be carefully ironed to avoid damage to the fabric.
7. Now measure up 15cms for the hem line of the curtains and iron across.
8. Fold this 15cm section in half and iron again so you have a fold and hem of 7.5cms.
9. Cut about 7.5cms of one side of the lining as the lining always fits in slightly from the side of the curtains.
10. Lay your fabric out with the hem in the correct place to be worked on.
11. Roughly place your lining in place and put a pin in to mark the sides.
12. Turn the lining bottom up 15cm and then fold in half as you did with the curtains.


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    June 18, 2015

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