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By combining the creativity of our designers with the know-how of the talented artisans, Malabar highlights forgotten techniques and crafts to put it into modern and contemporary furniture pieces.

We believe that if we want to create an exclusive and timeless furniture piece, a great design is not enough. It is essential to share inspirations and knowledge since the sketch until the end of the production process.

Through continuous involvement in the creative process as well as a lot of research and improvement, our artisans and designers work side by side developing an idea, always aiming perfection, heritage disclosure and emotional connections between the piece and the customer.

When you imagine a furniture piece, immediately you fit it to your world and way of living. In order to give you the design piece of your dreams, Malabar gives you solutions, combining exquisite materials, noble and exotic woods, finishes and fabrics adapted to your own style.

We are fortunate to have the best of both worlds, allowing us to projecting an artistic future, while looking back in time.

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