Modern House Shutters – A Passive Design Strategy

Passive design strategies are becoming widely accepted as a way to drastically reduce the amount of energy a home consumes and low-tech solutions are gaining favor with designers and homeowners.

Shutters are one such low-tech means of passively controlling the environment around a building. Operable shutters control light, temper heat, shield or welcome wind, buffer noise and provide privacy. Like a versatile three-season jacket they can help make life more comfortable. This video explores a few modern examples of the multipurpose shutter.

Please watch: “Floor Plan Design TUTORIAL”


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  1. Epic Army Of One
    January 12, 2017

    hmm, didn't know shutters were still used. I never see them anymore except on older houses as design and not function. seems like a waste to have them and you can't use 'em. I like the idea of having them AND they're functional.

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