Modern Longhouse Design – An Architect’s Design Process part 2 of 2

More at: In this video I describe our modern longhouse design. This is a continuation of the first video and describes the floor plan layout and decisions that informed our choice to build a long house. Part 2 of 2

Please watch: “Floor Plan Design TUTORIAL”


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  1. traveling47
    May 7, 2016

    i'm working on some early drafts for a house i want to build in a couple of years and this has been really helpful.

  2. Kári Sæbjörn Kárason
    July 21, 2016

    You're videos are really helpful. I hope you show us more on this project.

  3. Robert Hollis
    December 17, 2016

    You're videos are awesome! I am an Architect student and this is better than some of my lecture classes.

  4. Basadict
    December 25, 2016

    You're sharing really inspiring processes!!! Thank you!

  5. pranita varma
    April 24, 2017

    Cud i plz k ow your website…

  6. Aron Wachelder
    May 7, 2017

    I really like the way you explain the whole concept on this house. Thank you for your videos! I always enjoy them and learn a lot!

  7. mukasa ibra
    August 31, 2017

    30×40 is my best is a good place to be i like what you are doing Eric
    its Ibra here from uganda
    i wish i could vist you Eric you inspire me

  8. mukasa ibra
    August 31, 2017

    i am requesting for VIDEO about charging clients and how to deal with
    clients how don't want to pay

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