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– Newtown CT Landscape Designer

Newtown CT Landscape Designer John Holden walks you through the Foundation Planitng of impeccably maintained ranch in Newtown, Connecticut.

“You don’t have to have a big fancy landscape to have a nice landscape.” – John Holden

Newtown CT Landscape Designer John Holden is the founder of a Land Designs Unlimited LLC located in Newtown, Connecticut. Land Designs Unlimited designs and installs landscapes in the Newtown, Trumbull, Shelton, Monroe, Oxford and Southbury CT area.

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  1. email16v
    June 9, 2013

    I like your videos. Wish you were here in Dallas. 🙂

  2. Holly Bowen
    June 28, 2015

    How do you keep other types of vines from growing in with the intended groundcover? I have ivy around my house in a similar fashion to the house in the video and and before I knew it, it was being overrun by wild grapevine and another vine type with white flowers. If you have any suggestions on removing the unwanted species, that would be nice as well.

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