Office/Design Studio Makeover

From Visual Clutter. . .to Visual Inspiration! An Eco-Friendly Makeover Done on a Budget! Everything was re-purposed, re-used, or recycled. The budget was ambitious as well, less than $650 for materials (which included new flooring, paint, new cabinet, accessories, etc.) !

It goes to show you that it is not how much you spend but how you use what you’ve got! Most of us have more than we need but we either we forgot we have it, or it is in the wrong place where it is not been utilized. Sometimes with a little refurbishing, and a new coat of paint, we can bring something back to life and use it in the new space!

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We serve the San Francisco Bay Area and are available for Residential and Commercial Interior Design Projects.

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  1. Catherine Lombardo
    June 28, 2011

    That was awesome, Jackie!! I saw the link on the thread from theVicaGirl~ Great job, I hope you'll let us repost this on the blog for our Monday Makeover series soon!

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