Photo Journal Entry #23 – Architecture & Interiors Photography

In this video I’m showing you some images from past client work. I don’t often get to show you an entire image set and talk about my thoughts during the photo shoot. In this podcast style video I will be flipping through images on screen while giving you some insight behind the choices I make as far as composition, lighting, styling, and working with models. I hope you enjoy! Comments are always welcome.

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  1. CostaMesaPhotography
    July 17, 2018

    Enjoyed your video. The discussion of your scouting, and prelim shots was interesting. One thing I hear people do occasionally that's off-putting to me is that they present something pretty cool, like your opening shot, and then talk about it like it's a complete disaster. It's an odd way of saying you might think this is great, but I'm even better than great… I'm sure you won't see it that way, but what you presented were three nice photos–so own that they are nice and show honest pride for them. Your images (and video) are very nice–keep up the good work!

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