Poll: What’s the Funniest Nickname for this Architectural Marvel?

I was pedaling past Ypsilanti’s Weird Water Tower and thought to myself, if you weren’t from around here you wouldn’t know what they call it. (I bet you can think of some creative names and post them in the comment section below.)

In the spirit of that creativity I stood there admiring the structure and composed a poem, on the spot, which goes like this:

It really is a Marvel
Jutting into the sky!
Quality construction,
Designed to catch your eye!

Ann Arbor is my home town, and we played Ypsilanti in Football and there was quite a rivalry. In 10th Grade I was 103 pounds and 5 foot 4 so I wasn’t a powerhouse and stuck with football because I made the commitment, but I hardly ever got in the game. I was in the back of the bus when we arrived at Ypsi High School and filed off the bus and toward the locker room. I overheard my coach as they stared at my skinny legs while I navigated that last big bus step. The Ypsi coach asked, “Is that your JV team or the Freshmen?” and my coach didn’t miss a beat . He said, “Its the 7th Grade, all we’ll need to whup yo ass.”

So forgive me, Ypsi, if I razz you about your unusual water tower. We’re friends and all but Ann Arbor is my hometown.

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  1. Keaton Burnett
    May 15, 2017

    The brick d*ck lol

  2. Karen Edwards
    March 30, 2018

    I'm from ann arbor. we never called it the brick dick. we call it the big dick. I don't know anyone that calls it the brick dick.

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