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The entire PopUp House is completely recyclable, made with high-quality wooden boards and EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation. Massive screws hold the wooden boards and 30cm thick insulation panels. Compatible with Passivhaus standards, PopUp Houses capture maximum solar energy and have super strong, airtight insulation that provides natural thermal comfort all year long, without any need for heating or cooling systems.
If you’re wondering if you can construct your own PopUp House, the answer is no — they are “built by selected and qualified fitters” provided by PopUp House. However, you can customize and apply some of the finishes yourself. Any PopUp House can have a green roof added to it and you can choose between numerous exterior and interior finishes, such as wood paneling, fibreboard, or metal. By adding photovoltaic panels or wind turbines, any PopUp House can easily be transformed into a positive house.
The cost of an energy-efficient PopUp House varies according to your personal desires and specifications, but the company says that materials generally cost between 300€ and 360€ per square meter of floor area, and expert contractors will cost between 1300€ and 2000€ per square meter.
Since its inception in April 2015, several PopUp Houses, including both residences and offices, have been completed in France. They plan to expand to other countries (and the U.S. we hope!) and have already completed a couple of pilot projects in other European countries.


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