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Welcome to Pseudo Studio! We’re thrilled you could make it.

Contact us now. We’ll design the perfect furniture for your life.

Pseudo Studio, LLC
2224 25th St, San Francisco, CA 94107
PH: 415-341-0078 | CELL: 916-798-5913

Video Created and Produced by Gah Films
Directed by Joe Sliker and Joe Wilinski
Edited by Joe Sliker
Production Sound by Joe Wilinski and Jon Turner
Sound Design by Dan Waldkirch
Graphics and Color by Aaron Williams
Prop design by Joe Wilinski
Cast includes Hannah Ghioni, Syam Zapalowski
Spanish VO by Kerensa DeMars
Wardrobe by Cibele Ortiz
Furniture by Pseudo Studio
Special thanks to Arthur Wilinski and Tudlik Moerk

(c) Gah Films 2013

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  1. Laurie Wilson
    July 11, 2013

    Great! Funky, fun, fast Info on fine furniture! Awesome!

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