Remodeling a 1970s House in Germantown, TN

1. Living room to office – A fixture of many southern houses of this era was a formal living room just inside the front door. Rarely was this room used; most visitors proceeded past it into the den. As you can see from the photo at the beginning of the video, the living room had retained its original 1970s style. We moved the walls in to make more room in the bedroom behind, added hardwood floors, built-in book cases, and French doors.

2. Kitchen – The galley kitchen was torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. Cabinets were extended all the way to the ceiling and all appliances replaced. A couple of storage ideas from Pinterest were used, including an “appliance garage” and a broom cabinet on the end of the refrigerator.

3. Den – The den was made to feel more open by removing a closet to widen the entry and replacing the exterior windows with doors. The “popcorn ceiling” was scraped and new cedar ceiling beams were added.

4. Laundry Room – The laundry room was expanded and a pocket door added, creating a tiled mud room with storage for coats and a hidden charging station for phones and electronic devices.

5. Dining Room – The dining room was kept intact, except for the widening of a kitchen doorway and a fresh coat of paint.

6. Master Bathroom – The 1970s master bathroom vanity had no door to close it off from the bedroom, as well as a cramped and dark shower. Using the extra space added by the wall we moved in the living room, the bathroom area was expanded. Custom closet organizers were added to make use of available space.

7. Closet Upgrade – In addition to the master bedroom closet, other bedroom closets were upgraded to replace sliding doors and add closet organization.

8. Bathrooms – Bathrooms were upgraded with new vanities, toilets, and tile.

9. AV wiring – To save space, a new closet was added for computer, audio, and networking equipment. All display and sound sources are stored here, so there is nothing in the room but the display device itself. For example the office contains a narrow desk with only a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Video to the monitor is over a Sabrent Cat6-to-HDMI adapter. Active USB extension cables allow in-wall USB jacks for connection of flash drives or other peripherals. An IR repeater allows control of the audio receiver and video components.

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    December 4, 2013

    GREAT WORK !!!

  2. fastsuphisticated
    December 9, 2013

    hey amigos great Job but the singer does a much better job singing than the contractor or video producer explaining how to be done, I learned nothing off this video though the singer put me to dance and if it aint broke don't ย fix it.

  3. Dank Memes
    September 5, 2014

    totally ruined the 70s atmosphere i loved that kitchen and that stove and fan.

  4. Mr Freedman will do
    December 13, 2015

    poor old house

  5. otterlover95
    July 16, 2016

    As usual in these "before and after" photos- The Before was best. Look at how nice it was. In good clean condition at that. Very retro 1970s/80s. I love it.
    Now it looks like all the crap you see on "the tv machine" and at home depot. blah, ba-de-blah, blah. UGG. That "new" bathtub tile looks like basement cinder block. Who would want to bath in that?
    And the electronics work just the same in any decor. It doesn't require ripping out walls to install.

  6. Nexter5722
    May 19, 2017

    I liked it before … way to wreck some nice old interior

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