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CHECK OUT MY BLOG: CHECK OUT MY NEW FACEBOOK PAGE: This weeks All in the Detail topic is 7 Golden Rules of Bathroom Remodeling. With a little guidance and design know-how, you can create a bathroom that meets your every need. Bathrooms are among t

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Removing the rotted walls, flooring, joists and studs.

Putting braces in the walls so I can remove the rotten flooring and studs.

House is old. Tile gone. Flooring and framing rotted. Time to remodel the bathroom.

Watch more Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling videos: Get the look of a pricey kitchen renovation—without the cost. All it takes is a few smart upgrades. Step 1: Paint the kitchen Add a fresh coat of paint; it immediately brightens any room. Step 2: Get the look of stainless steel on contact Get the look of …

Green home remodeling: How to remodel for a green home If you’re planning some home remodeling, why not consider ideas for going green at home? Patty Kim from the Green Guide shows simple but significant green home remodeling tips to improve your personal environment and help the planet, too.

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Home remodel goes wrong because of bad contractor we take over to do it correctly

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Bob Schmidt shows some simple tips and advice on how to keep dust to a minimum in your living space during your home remodeling, renovation, rehab projects. Drywall, hardwood dust collection system. DIY

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Constructing a bedroom in an attic is a great way to add square footage onto a home. Make sure that an attic meets requirements to make it a viable living space with help from a home repair specialist in this free video on home construction and remodeling. Expert: Tim Gipson Contact: Bio: Tim Gipson …

When deciding to do remodeling work, decide what type of remodel is being done and do research around the neighborhood and in home improvement stores. Take measurements and prioritize remodeling plans with help from a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in this free video on home improvement and maintenance. Expert: Tim Gipson Contact: …

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