ReStore Your Home on a Budget: Green Remodeling for Cheap

We know that a hardware store sells hardware. So, what in the world does a ReStore sell? . . . . It sells any kind of RE you can imagine: REducing, REusing, REcycling .

Habitat ReStores are retail outlets which help you restore your house for a fraction of the cost while helping out a great cause. In addition to raising funds for Habitat for Humanity, ReStores help the environment by keeping quality, usable materials out of landfills and putting them back into good use.

Materials sold by Habitat ReStores are usually donated from building supply stores, contractors, demolition crews or from individuals who want to support Habitat for Humanity and keep stuff out of landfills.

When our very own Dr. Anna Marie renovated her home in Florida, she donated all of the old cabinets and appliances to her local Habitat ReStore (watch the video). When Kelly and I needed reclaimed brick for our patio, salvaged lumber for our moldings, antique doors and a claw foot tub for the new bathroom, an outdoor fireplace, plumbing supplies, and even tools, we found it all (and more) at the ReStore and saved tons of money.

Reuse centers like the ReStore can be found in virtually every community in North America (see below to find a store near you). They are a green remodeler’s dream come true and a perfect way to reach the goal of zero waste.

You can literally build an entire house from materials from a reuse center.

You’ll typically save 50{5aabe1b64c219f6f29e4ecad69b119eaa0c9dd9e524c451ecae8f93d68902924} – 90{5aabe1b64c219f6f29e4ecad69b119eaa0c9dd9e524c451ecae8f93d68902924} by skipping the big box stores and finding what you need at a ReStore. So, use fewer natural resources, keep good stuff out of landfills, help a charity and save a little money . . . You can’t beat that.

Check out The Story of Stuff if you’re not already convinced about reuse. You’ll definitely want to check out all the cool stuff over at the great new website if you’re looking for alternative uses for stuff you’ve got laying around the house but can’t bring yourself to drop by the ReStore.

by Matt Grocoff

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  1. bigfancycar
    January 31, 2013

    Ralph Lauren interior paint! Whaddayaknow.

  2. NM88310
    July 22, 2013

    Rediculous Prices is right. I went to the restore here in Alamogordo and they sell junk you would never want in your home for top dollar.

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