Review of Lego Big Ben sets 10253 and 21013

This is our Review of two Lego sets of Big Ben. Unfortunately, set 21013 from the Architecture series has been retired.

We really liked set 10253. Big Ben (the actual clock tower) is very accurate from the styling all the way up to the roof and the bells (or one bell in the set). The rest of the building is only a small piece of the Parliament building. If you had about 4 of the sets you might be able to build a fairly close replica of the entire building. Even the rest of the building is very accurate including the numerous statutes that line the columns of the building. Our favorite part about this set is the clock itself. It has a little dial on the back that you can turn that makes all for clocks change time simultaneously. You can still purchase this set by following this link:

Set 21013 is obviously much smaller. It is a fun little display piece that doesn’t take a lot of time to build, and doesn’t require a lot of space to display. With some of the other sets we will review later from the Architecture series, it makes a pretty cool collection.

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