Rustic Gray but Far Shady Fontana Tiny House by Cornerstone Tiny Home

Rustic Gray but Far Shady Fontana Tiny House by Cornerstone Tiny Home
Price for Shell starting at $22,850.00
Price for Finished Unit: starting at $73,000

The cornerstone of building your own THOW (Tiny House On Wheels) is starting with the safest, highest quality foundation – a custom trailer built for your particular tiny home design. 28

Cornerstone Tiny Home trailers are custom built specific to you THOW design. (It can be dangerous to build your tiny home on wheels any other way.) All of our shells are built on the highest quality trailers manufactured by AMP Trailers, who are the industry-standard in custom THOW trailers. They build to our exact specs for the design of your tiny house shell. We help to ensure that your design matches with your custom trailer, so that the shell we provide you is safe.

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