Slumberland Furniture’s Design Clips – Wrong Way, Right Way – “Contrast”

Welcome to Slumberland Furniture’s Award Winning Web Series, Design Clips!

Maybe your mom told you that things should always match, but when it comes to design, she was wrong.

If everything is the same, nothing stands out, and you end up with well, boring.

Instead celebrate the contrasts. In color. In fabrics. In furnishings.

Modern with rustic. Glass with metal. Light with dark.

When we use the principle of contrast in our decor, everything becomes complimentary to everything else. Every piece makes the other piece look better and more interesting.

Wrong way—Matching everything. Right way—turn up the contrast.

Slumberland. It’s a Good Life.

(2015 Telly™ Award Winner – Online Video/How-to Instructional)

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