Software Development Company – Office Interior Design, Union City, CA

A commercial interior design project for a small software development company in Union City, CA. The concept for the space was “Vibrant Connectivity” . It was achieved by utilizing original art (representing internet connectivity), as well as a vibrant color scheme of oranges, dark blue-greens and dark red.

The client’s requests for a stimulating, contemporary and creative space were fulfilled by creating a work atmosphere where creativity could be fostered, and employees could not only work, but have some relaxation time. This included having a break area with a pool table and bean bag chairs, multiple dry erase panels around the space, and unique and original art, in keeping with the mission and vision of the company.

The principles of sustainable design were used by using existing materials, purchasing re-furbished and recycled materials whenever possible, and recycling waste throughout the installation process.

The end result was an environment that was not only functional but exciting, vibrant, whimsical and fun, and where creativity could flourish and be encouraged.

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