Split Seconds: TWIW Throwback – The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean vs Rolex Sea-Dweller

In this Split Seconds throwback, Josh and Tim are comparing two of the industry’s giants and some of their best known lines by doing a head-to-head of the Omega Seamaster and Rolex Seadweller. Tune into tonight’s episode at 5:00 PM ET!

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In the full episode, Tim Mosso and Josh Thanos recap the week in luxury watches. We open with a this-or-that battle between the eternal rivals; Rolex and Omega watches. Tim pits the 2017 Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 50th anniversary Baselworld debut against the 2016 Baselworld novelty Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Co-Axial Master Chronometer. Can the 600M Omega Seamaster fend off the challenge or a revitalized Rolex Sea Dweller? New luxury watches from Mido watch and Ateliers de Monaco are discussed in depth. Mido’s Inspired by Architecture initiative has produced a stunning combination of value, substance, and architecture-driven style. The limited edition Mido Inspired by Architecture draws upon the celebrated style of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of Art in New York City to produced what may be the best sub-$2,000 wristwatch of the year. Ateliers de Monaco, a joint venture or Frederique Constant founder Peter Stas and Pim Koeslag, has released a new 44mm DLC Black Titanium version of its 2016 Ateliers de Monaco Tourbillon Oculus 1297. The resulting wristwatch makes extensive use of fine finish and imaginative measures such as a sapphire crystal tourbillon bridge. It’s price of roughly $69,215 U.S. appears quite reasonable given the complexity of the mechanism and the degree of finish; it stands as yet more evidence that the luxury watch market is adjusting to price even grand complications at levels more representative of manufacturing costs. Tim announced that on November 17 and Black Friday, November 24, our Watches Live program will broadcast live on the YouTube channel of Ariel Adams and Ablogtowatch. This exciting collaboration will see Tim cover the news of the week on Ablogtowatch’s industry-leading 100,000+ subscriber YouTube channel. Josh will fly shotgun while Tim hosts and Ariel Adams makes special appearance. Finally, Tim and Josh end this week by discussing how they would spend the roughly $400,000 Word Series shares that will be distributed to each member of the Major League Baseball 2017 World Champion Houston Astros.

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  1. Northstar
    March 2, 2018

    The Planet Ocean price point is lower, but so is its high spot on the market. Ridiculous 60 hrs power reserve, Longines Hydroconquest L888 movement has longer power reserve than that. The Planet Ocean metal bracelet is probably the worst on the market, nice movement and watchcase though, but still, it's no match to the Rolex. Rolex, 70 hrs power reserve, superlative chronometer, everlasting market value. Rolex = par Omega = Subpar. Class dismissed !

  2. Titi teatea
    March 2, 2018

    You picked a good head to head, but for me it's definitely & 100%, Rolex SD43 hands down. In fact I own the new SD and wear it as we speak, and could have bought the PO anytime, as it is cheaper and readily available but: I do not like the look and feel of titanium for one, and the color combination makes it less wearable with the orange and grey imo… The classic Rolex black-white/stainless goes with everything, the bracelet is absolutely amazing and of very high quality overall, so much you would never want to wear that watch any other way. The contrast on the dial between the white hours markers and hands against the black dial makes it the better watch for legibility by far. The red line reference to the very early and so thought after vintage SD is a beautiful "clin d'oeil" to this particular model. Both great movements, so not much to say there, still think Rolex has the edge, while display case back on divers are really not a feature I feel necessary. Now I even love the cyclops, which looks great on this bigger display case, very submariner & Rolex DNA and true origin of the SD, so how controversial this may be,  it makes me think of a drop of water on the glass, and really makes the date easier to read, i personally don't hate it at all. That said I am a SD fan, and also own the 16600 and 116600 but love the 126600. What i mean to say is, you can love the one without cyclop and still love the new model with…. Last but not least I am a tech-diver and turned 50 in 2017, and so did the SD, with the SD43-50th anniv. watch (1967-2017), my birth year…

  3. Nick Defreitas
    March 3, 2018

    Rolex 126600 hands down.

  4. OmegaCaldereroid
    March 3, 2018

    Love them both so I got the PO Chrono 9300movement coz i always prefer chrono in my planet ocean and seamasters aside from the Ploprof1200m for obvious reasons, and got the DSSD, and 114060 coz i like a date but hate the cyclops

  5. Daniel Fernandez
    March 3, 2018

    I would also take the PO. The Sub and SD are pretty vanilla if you ask me. That being said if i had all the money in the world i would go with the SD but the PO is a lot more reasonable and better looking watch. However, it does not have the same amount of prestige and icon status as Rolex.

  6. CodeNameGabriel
    March 3, 2018

    Hmmm.. you guys chose the PO. I like your taste! I actually made that exact choice when purchasing my diver. I own both brands (except the Rolex I have is a YM-40, Blue dial), but I purchased a PO instead of a Sea-Dweller when looking for a diver. The Omega PO has ended up being my favorite watch.

  7. jason starek
    March 3, 2018

    I own both Rolex and Omega. Both are fantastic, and the pinnacle of “form meets function.” But the Rolex (for me) is where it’s at.

    I know that sounds cliche, but until I owned a Rolex I really didn’t understand the superiority of the construction.

    It’s not high horology, but it not supposed/trying to be. It’s a tool watch that is bomb-proof.

    I haven’t tried on this particular Omega model, so I hesitate to comment on it, but I discovered a new respect for Rolex after owning/wearing one.

  8. Nexus Achiles
    March 4, 2018

    My very first luxury watch was a PO 2500C, still have it, great watch, perhaps a future classic . I've tried the PO 8900 43.5mm (the stainless steel blue dial, not the titanium one), it's a good looking piece, I was tempted but wasn't sure about the shiny ceramic dial. The SD43 on the other hand blew me away so that's the one I took home. From a value retention perspectiuve, that titanium PO8900 has already lost 31% on the secondary marlet (for a new piece), whereas the SD43 has gained 8%. Worth considering if you get tired of your watch one day.

  9. ///// AMG
    March 6, 2018

    Sorry guys, Sea Dweller wins hands down IMHO – Tim himself summed it all up by going over the extra stuff you get with the Rolex… Plus, price should not be a factor in "This or That" episodes – even though the Omega costs less, they are still in the same price range – again, think car comparos Tim! 😊

    If price is to be considered, then it's only fair to consider resale value as well – back in January I privately sold my Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph ( – new caliber 9900) in preparing for the arrival of the Hulk and was not more disappointed because I did get a decent deal on the watch when I first bought it. The only good news was how fast it sold (no, I did not dump the watch).

    Don't get me wrong. I like Omega and have had several Seamasters over the years. They are working hard to beat Rolex, but are not there yet – again, IMHO… 👍

  10. freddie P
    March 7, 2018

    SD43 all day everyday… dont understand why peopel r hating on the SD43 rolex? i recently took ownership of one and it is PERFECT…not to big like everyone keeps sayin… the cyclops is AWESOME!! people talk of it not being balanced… then all rolexes with cyclops are then unbalanced which of course is not true…this watch is def a daily wearer, people say its too big… i wear mine daily with no prob not heavy at all… wear one before u even say that…and the single red line is the cherry on top… i have a sub and a gmt…. not even close folks… sea dweller by a mile… no wait 10 miles!!!!

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