Super Cali Live – Remodeling My Childhood Dollhouse for Baby Raz

Baby Raz has been asking for a dollhouse for quite some time now, so instead of buying a new one I am giving her my old dollhouse. This victorian style dollhouse I made from a kit over twenty years ago and it has been sitting in my mom’s garage for a while now. I am very paranoid about the dangers of mold and mildew so I scrubbed the walls, floors and outside with a 10 to 1 water to bleach solution and I tore off all the old discolored wallpaper.

Now it’s time for the remodel process. I started by taking off most of the wallpaper and floor boards, and carpet. I sanded the surfaces down a bit and then painted all the walls and moldings on the inside with a brighter white. The old paint was more of a beige and already the house looks much brighter and newer. Next I took the kids to Michaels and we picked out patterned paper for the walls that are not painted. I thought about getting dollhouse paper, but this dollhouse is for the kids and I want to keep it fun and whimsical so I am okay if the ratios are not perfect. I think this house is a 1/12 ratio for anyone interested.

Baby Raz is requesting a “Frozen room” so I got sequined blue card stock. Declan wanted a “rainbow room” so we picked out some rainbow colored ice cream patterned paper and also a tye dye rainbow swirl piece of paper (I am not sure what to do with the latter, I think I might cut it and hang it in the room as if it is contemporary artwork, we’ll see. Then for the kitchen/entryway Declan picked out marvel comic book paper and I picked out white brick patterned paper so we will do half marvel comic book wallpaper and the the upper half white brick. I picked out some gold forest animal print on white paper for the living room.It has a more grown up enchanted forest look to it.

In this live video I talk about the remodel process from tearing the wallpaper off to painting and prep. Then I do one of the Frozen bedroom walls. I’m thinking next week on Thursday Baby Raz and I will share with you our progress on finishing the dollhouse interior. And then depending on my energy levels I may paint the exterior of the house pink, per Baby Raz’s request. Currently the house is yellow. However there are a lot of moldings and detail because it is a Victorian style house, so we’ll see. It might be too hard to paint around the decorative accents. What makes remodeling a dollhouse like this so challenging is going in and making changes AFTER the dollhouse has been assembled. When I originally made this dollhouse I did ALL the painting, wallpapering, carpet floorboards etc. BEFORE I assembled and built the house. The only way to have that type of control again would be to take apart the whole house and reassemble. If I did that I would probably damage a lot of pieces and I might forget how the house goes back together since I do not have the original manual. Not to mention it might be easier to just start fresh with a new kit. So instead I am going to remodel this house trial and error and hope it doesn’t take to long as Baby Raz can’t wait to start playing with it. Enjoy and feel free to send comments and/or messages if you have any questions or dollhouse remodel shares. Cheers! A


My name is Alyssa and I am an actress/director turned full-time mommy who compulsively documents life with my Super Cali family. Here are a few of my favorite vids. Enjoy! And thanks for watching!

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