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Architecture is where building meets consciousness. The great Roman Architect Vitruvious speaks of Architecture comprising ‘Firmness, Commodity and Delight”. We look at this delightful little Chicken Coop/ Rabbit Hutch combination and share the architectural design principles that guided its construction and can be applied to small projects like this and much bigger ones.

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How to draw simple watercolor plan view trees for architecture visualizations. Sketch base with pencil then layer in water color followed by black ink. I used pencil, watercolor, and fountain pen to accomplish this hand graphic and render.

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Here is the top 5 and best 3d building Modeling software for all civil engineers and architects. This list is strictly based on the final rendering effect. Each software is important and need to learn. In this video you will also find how to learn each software and why.

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Sketch on home decor hacks | Architecture and Interior Design Hey, guy I’m Timi! I’ll be documenting my entrepreneurial journey as an architect. I’m the principal architect of a startup design firm, The ArchUp. It’s based in Manila, PH. Yes, I’m a Filipina and I’m proud of it. I want to share my journey as …

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