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PROJECT FACT FILE: Name: Prasanna House Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka Plot Area: 2,000 sq.ft Built-up Area: 2,800 sq.ft Project Cost: INR 80 Lacs Year: December, 2015 Architecture & Interiors: Collage Studio Principal Architects: Swapnil Valvatkar

PROJECT FACT FILE: Name: Maya Praxis Home Office Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka Plot Area: 2,800 sq.ft Built-up Area: 6,000 sq.ft Project Cost: INR 1.3 CR (Including Interiors) Architecture & Interiors: Maya Praxis Principal Architects: Vijay Narnapatti, Dimple Mittal

PROJECT FACT FILE: Name: Corbel House Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka Plot Area: 2,600 sq.ft Built-up Area: 3,650 sq.ft Project Cost: INR 1.5 CR Year of Completion: 2018 Architecture & Interiors: Kamat Rozario Architects Principal Architects: Lester Rozario, Shruti Kamat

Watch Vikram Rajashekar of Cadence, a Bengaluru based architecture firm, talk about the Strata House, a true #WorkOfArt delivered by him & his team. He explains that the unique feature of this stand-alone property is the ‘cut-outs’, which altogether changes the ‘shape’ as you go from the ground floor towards the 2nd floor. The material …

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PROJECT FACT FILE: Project Name: The Lateral House Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka Plot Area: 2,400 sq.ft Built-Up Area: 3,600 sq.ft Project Cost: INR 48 lac Completion: 2013 Architecture: GRCA, Bengaluru Principal Architect: Gaurav Roy Choudhary Principal architect, Gaurav Roy Choudhary narrates the design journey of The Lateral House in Bengaluru

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PROJECT FACT FILE Name: Komorebi House Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka Architecture + Interiors: The Purple Ink Studio Plot Area: 4,500 sq.ft Built-up Area: 12,000 sq.ft Project Cost: 3,500 – 4,000 per sq.ft Principal architect, Akshay Heranjal of The Purple Ink Studio narrates the design process of this beautiful house in Bengaluru

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