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Hyper Island, the international and interactive design school renovated their office space in Stockholm with EverBlock for a cool, unique and fun design. Using over 4,000+ blocks the results are flawlessly beautiful! Let EverBlock help design a functional office space that fits your company’s personality.

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Architects and designers are under constant pressure to summon creative forces into action on a moment’s notice. We visit our clients’ homes or their building sites and are expected to produce the imaginative vision for transforming them into masterworks on the spot. Creativity lies at the heart of every design process — and it can …

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Subscribe Now: Watch More: Just because your office has cinder blocks doesn’t mean it won’t look good. Make an office with cinder blocks look good with help from an experienced designer in this free video clip. Expert: Trish Casella Contact: Bio: Trish Casella is an experienced designer and a non-stop DIY-er. Filmmaker: Trish Casella …

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