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Back in the Florida Keys, we love it here. We meet with Franco D’Ascanio Jr. of D’Asign Source on several new projects including a Florida Keys custom home on a private island off the coast of Marathon. We have worked with them on numerous spectacular homes here in the Florida Keys. D’Asign Source is a …

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PVC trim is a great exterior trim solution for coastal homes. PVC brackets, columns, soffits , rafter tails,louvers and pergolas bring detail and character to exterior architecture that will last decades if not a lifetime.

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This sweet 145-square-foot kitchen in Piedmont, California, “is meant to be on the humble side,” says architect Robert Kelly. “Ninety-five percent of us live in small kitchens, and this kitchen has everything we need and want. Almost all magazine kitchens are large kitchens, but they really aren’t what most of us have room for or …

Decorative architectural brackets made from PVC can greatly enhance the look of your home. This video focuses on how to install them to your home with deadwood strips. Decorative PVC brackets and structural cedar wood brackets are available in custom sizes at

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