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Interested in design school? Want to know what it’s like / what to expect? Let me share my experience in Interior Design school with you, and help answer some questions you might have! INTERIOR DESIGN FAQ: INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO CLASSES | What To Expect + Project Examples! HOW TO GET AN INTERNSHIP! Portfolio, Resume, and …

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Want to seeeeeee my past once again , once again ,once again and once again, 1st year innocence, 2nd year smartness, 3rd year seniorness, 4th year matureness, 5th year will see Kamla Raheja Lakshyam creation : A space where MInd has some work Lakshyam creations is not a pastiche, but it is something which partakes …

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Award winning design firm gives tips on how to design green corporate campuses that inspire more creativity, loyalty and reduce costs.

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Kalhan Mattoo and Santha Gour Mattoo speak about the internationally award winning design of ‘Vidyalankar Institute of Technology’ a 1,95,000 sft. higher educational facility in the heart of central Mumbai. Breaking new ground with radical re-think of campus architecture in India, the building architecture is devised as a group of distinct facilities connected by a …

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