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This is my 7 step process to writing a concise, professional, personalized cover letter that will help you land that job. This process applies to any industry, whether you’re applying for a job or internship in architecture, graphic design, journalism, or anything else, this method should work for you! If you’d like to see COVER …

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Martin Brennan explains what his job as an IT Architect involves

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If you’re looking for advice on how to design your landscape, this may not be the video for you. But if you’re interested in being a professional landscape designer? I’ve got some good tips for you. I’ve worked as a designer for the last twelve years, and I started in the landscape industry well before …

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Join our Chicagoland team of successful entreprenuers! We’re looking for talented, visual, and highly motivated team members who love design and people! Apply today at

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See Landscape architecture can be defined as the art of composing the five primary elements of the outdoor environment: landform, water, vegetation, buildings and pavements. Landscape architects work at three scales: garden design, urban design and regional landscape planning.

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