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Let’s talk about Commercial Real Estate for small businesses from PLACES studio, an interior architecture and design firm focusing on commercial interiors. This is for anyone wanting to open a storefront like a store, shop, restaurant or anything that is open to the public and considered a commercial space. If you found this useful, share …

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An idea to design a large office areas including all features of a perfect corporate modern office and visualize in form of VIRTUAL TOUR. Walk through Animation contains Exterior building with natural landscape and lighting, lobby area, reception area, conference room, pantry area, refreshment area, work station, garden area, personal office area etc. FOLLOW US …

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Commercial Office Space – Office Design Ideas (And why you should always use a specialist Project Manager) What constitutes Commercial Office Space? Normally any kind of premises from which you could run a business and where a part is set aside for administration purposes. From small shops, warehouses, supermarkets, factories and office blocks, to leisure …

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: A recent survey shows that 7 out of 10 people refuse job offers based on the office design and working environment. Do not miss out on your best employees because of your office design. Contact Interact Group International today on 9714 4426886, email: and check out our website:

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Hi I have extensive experience in Layout,3d modeling and photo-realistic rendering in the field of architecture and manufacturing. links:- Keep supporting and like the video. Please subscribe and get more information by comment. Thank you for your time. Munish K.

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Sam-E studio♛ Hello my dear friends- i hope you guys are enjoying my videos- if you have any suggestions to me- please let me down in comment section- thank you so much for your love support= peace ➜MATERIALS used 0: Mountboard 1: CORRUGETIVE CARDBOARD 2: white glue (fevicol MR) 3:axo detailing blade, 4: red color …

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My Sweet Home Landscaping [] [Dugas Landscape] – Commercial Landscape Design Ideas [HD] [Dugas Landscape] – Commercial Landscape Design Ideas [HD] [Dugas Landscape] – Commercial Landscape Design Ideas [HD] ========================================================= Other Video : Full Video Page : Our Full Page : Please like, share, coment, subscribe for more video and other Landscaping Ideas.

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Landscape and commercial landscape and garden design by Garden Club London including restaurants, shops, pop up events and public places.

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