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In this video we set up ViewModel and LiveData for firstName. We’re using the Android Architecture Components in Android Studio 3.1.

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Let’s build a simple UI in Android Studio using ConstraintLayout. We’ll use ViewModel and LiveData in the next tutorial!

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Open Android Studio, and follow along as we use the Android Architecture Components to build an native app! Request a video here:

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Use the Android Architecture Components to send data from one Fragment to another Fragment. We’ll use LiveData and ViewModel. Connect with me on LinkedIn:

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Learn Revit Architecture for FREE, with my 84 part Online Course:- In this Revit Architecture tutorial I explain the use of Detail Components. I show you how to place them and also load additional ones in to your current project.

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Nick Dunn takes us through how to solder metal components when creating an architectural model. The videos are designed to accompany his new book ‘Architectural Modelmaking’, published by Laurence King.

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This video is for General Contractor and home owners. The video shows several ornamental and architectural foam applications. Mr. Juan from JLC Plastering purchased the foam and the supplies from New Foam Design and applied the finish. The end result is amazing, isn’t it? Need Archiitectural Foam? Foam Supplies FL has one address: 954-727-3005 2301 …

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