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In this video we set up ViewModel and LiveData for firstName. We’re using the Android Architecture Components in Android Studio 3.1.

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Let’s build a simple UI in Android Studio using ConstraintLayout. We’ll use ViewModel and LiveData in the next tutorial!

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Open Android Studio, and follow along as we use the Android Architecture Components to build an native app! Request a video here:

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Use the Android Architecture Components to send data from one Fragment to another Fragment. We’ll use LiveData and ViewModel. Connect with me on LinkedIn:

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Learn Revit Architecture for FREE, with my 84 part Online Course:- In this Revit Architecture tutorial I explain the use of Detail Components. I show you how to place them and also load additional ones in to your current project.

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Nick Dunn takes us through how to solder metal components when creating an architectural model. The videos are designed to accompany his new book ‘Architectural Modelmaking’, published by Laurence King.

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