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McMurdo managed the project. Toward the end of the build, several of his friends pitched in, some taking time off work to help him complete the home in time for the big reveal on TV show George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. A Bunsen burner candelabra adds a dash of humor to the living room. Never afraid …

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4 bedroom shipping container home 4 bedroom shipping container home plans

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If you follow shipping container homes on Instagram, you are definitely familiar with ModernBlox already. ModernBlox’s goal is to change the way you live and do business. Their secret lies in metal shipping containers. The co-founders Lee Easton,  Swapneel Deshpande, Ben Loh, and Chad McGruder convert metal shipping containers into homes and business units that can be delivered …

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a collection of the finest examples of shipping container Home Design New Zealand shipping container homes new zealand

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different types of shipping container homes that became the current trends and one of them is the home of china’s container Shipping Container Homes China expandable container house prefabricated houses folding container house folding house expandable house

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some Australian shipping container homes that might be an inspiration shipping container homes australia regulations shipping container house australia australian shipping container homes

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shipping container homes design ideas 2017 container house design ideas home architecture

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