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Demolition, making way for a new French Modern in Atlanta, GA, Ansley Park Atlanta.

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Remodeling the master suite!! You have to start with demo, and this video shows how to remove the old shower walls and ceiling

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The first real phase of the kitchen remodel is removing the old kitchen. This should have taken a day but took 5 days as I shot the whole process in stop motion with 5,237 still images. The first 3 days were removing the contents of the kitchen. The last 2 days were removing the appliances …

Remodeling Overview | KLM Builders Whole House Remodel Thanks for watching! Subscribe to get our latest remodeling videos and home tours. Have not seen episode 1? Click here:

Web Site Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Pinterest: Stachybotrys chartarum also called Black mold, is known to cause serious health issues. So when a house in Cape Coral, FL was discovered to have Black Mold after American Construction and Plumbing of Fort Myers, FL did a mold test, there was no choice to start demolition in bathrooms …

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Part 1: Kitchen Remodel – How To Design or Remodel a New Kitchen : Part 2: Kitchen Remodel – How To Choose Cabinet Doors : Part 3: Kitchen Remodel – How To Choose A Door Glide System : Part 4: Kitchen Remodel – How To Choose the right wood or material for your Cabinets : …

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Your kitchen renovation project may require demolition and this is the easiest part of a kitchen renovation project, one that you can do yourself with little chance of getting it wrong. Demolish your old kitchen to make way for your new kitchen with advice from a professional carpenter in this free video on kitchen remodeling. …

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Click on link for more bathroom repair and remodeling ideas. There’s a good chance that I’m going to find mold or wood rot, lurking behind the tile or plastic tub surround. It’s hard to imagine how wet and damp some of these areas can stay, but the more the bath tub or shower is used, …

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In this video i am showing all steps how to remodel kitchen floor – laying tiles , removing hardwood and old linoleum – installing backer board , ceramic – porcelain tiles on floor ,also showing how to grout

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