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Kitchen Remodeling – 3D as-built overlay, demolition walls, new walls, floor plan, dimensions, wall elevations, showing material options, export 360 renders and 3D Viewer files. Visit our website to explore the Chief plan and view the plan set: Download a trial of Chief Architect software:

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In this demonstration, we remodel a master bathroom using Chief Architect software. You’ll learn to create the as-built, demolition walls, new walls, develop the floor plan, add dimensions, create wall elevations, design cabinet vanities, and more. Sign up for the live webinar: Download a trial version:

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Bill and Lucas dig deeper into Doors with Doors: part 2 of 3: the Dimensions of a Door.

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Learn Revit Architecture for FREE, with my 84 part Online Course:- In this tutorial I take you through the use of Dimensions within Revit. We look at the use of all the dimension tools. I show you how to create and edit String Dimensions. I show you how to control the dimension value as well …

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