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Hi my little mangos, pardon the pun but I couldn’t help myself using that title haha. Today we spent the day in Helsinki, Finland and it was pretty awesome…cold…But awesome!!! Such a cool city but unfortunately no snow for us! ___ ♥ MY BLOG: (vegan information, vegan themed apparel and loads more) ♥ SUPPORT …

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Inspired by what the material wood can do, Jeremy Broun turns to Finland as a source of inspiration for functional yet sculptural modern furniture design. This extract is from the unique DVD documentary called ‘Furniture Today 3’ about the best work being created in the British Isles.

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Video on the new part of the Turku City Library drawn by architect bureau JKMM with main architect Asmo Jaaksi. This part of the library was opened in 2007 and today it is the most visited public library in Finland.

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Slideshow of a modern familyhouse in Helsinki. Mostly interior design.

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