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Scott from Tadlock Roofing & Solar is explaining in this video why you need to make sure you know what type of architectural shingles are being used on your roof system. Tadlock Roofing, with locations in Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Panama City, Florida, specializes in both residential and commercial roofing services for repairs, reroofs and maintenance. …

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Its beautiful wood house located on the Oregon Coast where the Coquille river meets the ocean

From Visual Clutter. . .to Visual Inspiration! An Eco-Friendly Makeover Done on a Budget! Everything was re-purposed, re-used, or recycled. The budget was ambitious as well, less than $650 for materials (which included new flooring, paint, new cabinet, accessories, etc.) ! It goes to show you that it is not how much you spend but …

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Living out of a box is not just an imagination… Need more info? check this out

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This brief video simplifies our design process to help you understand the basics on how to plan for a long-range transformation of your landscape and outdoor space. From developing an accurate basemap, to listing your program and bubble-diagramming your conceptual landscape plan, this video helps homeowners get their arms around the landscape design/planning process.

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Architecture and interior architecture: Pekka Vapaavuori Clip from architectural documentary MAJA 2005 Contact:

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317-861-9778 This is a renovation job we are very pleased to unveil. We took an unfinished attic and turned it into a true masterpiece. This job is a great example of the superior craftsmanship and attention to detail of our company. All work was completed by Thomas J. Pearson, Builder & Designer. Video by:

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Award winning design firm gives tips on how to create spaces for children that inspire learning, creativity, empowerment and a love for life.

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Watch more How to Celebrate the Day of the Dead videos: A blending of pre-Columbian and Catholic traditions, Day of the Dead altars are tributes to deceased loved ones. You can construct an altar to celebrate the life of someone you lost. Step 1: Cover the table Cover the table with cut tissue paper, or …

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Award winning design firm gives tips on how to design green corporate campuses that inspire more creativity, loyalty and reduce costs.

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