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I’ve chosen to share this creative stop-motion short because it’s entertaining, and it gives you an idea of what the installation of accenting hardscapes might look like. However, if I were the owner of this property, I’d first spend money on making the yard lower-maintenance and more cold tolerant. Still, cool video, and good stonework.

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This video describes the elements and questions a costumer should consider before meeting with a professional designer.

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Visit – EARTHSCAPES is professional landscape design software for contractors and landscape designs. Use – EARTHSCAPES to create overhead site plans to scale. Landscape plans are created in black and white as well as full color. Impress your clients with an artistic rendered effect such as the watercolor effect highlighted in this video

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How a landscape Designer /Contractor in New Jersey Show customers what there landscaping is going to look like before he does the work by using Depiction Software Hardscape Imaging Software. Video Created by Garry Galpin at Depiction Software

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