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The Creation of Architectural Garden through a Form of Broken Ice; The environment present in the city is the cityscape that creates the characteristic of the town. It is a form of elevation that our eye can capture. It may be an expression of our needs to survive in the town. Furthermore, it would generate …

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Hi my little mangos, pardon the pun but I couldn’t help myself using that title haha. Today we spent the day in Helsinki, Finland and it was pretty awesome…cold…But awesome!!! Such a cool city but unfortunately no snow for us! ___ ♥ MY BLOG: (vegan information, vegan themed apparel and loads more) ♥ SUPPORT …

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Audiovisual interviews of people who are into fashion, architecture, social art and performances. I want to analyze what kind of effects provoke daily consumption of design in the society. Last January 2013, I started in Bilbao and now I’m continuing in Helsinki…. My Idea is to make this research around the world, visiting the most …

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Slideshow of a modern familyhouse in Helsinki. Mostly interior design.

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