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Custom Built Home Addition and Entire House Remodel in New Jersey. Pangione Developers Inc- New Jersey General Contractors For More Details Go To: Connect With Us – Social

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SOCIAL MEDIA: Intagram: Tumblr: Twitter: Facebook: MORE – Timelapses: Belly and Beard Timelapse ►► Growing the Beard ►► Super Baby►► We bought a house and made it a home! Back in May of 2016, me and my wife (4 months pregnant) decided to take on a ‘handful of a project, by …

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With the help of some buddies, I was able to polish up this derelict old gem in Longmont, Colorado, in 2015-16. I put about $87,000 into it (including carrying costs and my labor). This remodel (and video) has been updated: see the link early in the vid, or at the end. The music is all …

House Remodel – Before and After (and during) For the past year we have been completing a Spanish house remodel. Knocked down a wall to extend the kitchen, new kitchen, new shower room, new utility/laundry room and removed a front door (yes, we had two!) When buying anything in Fuerteventura to complete your house makeover, …

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This whole house remodel not only includes before and after footage but we also bring you into the house during the process. From the kitchen remodel, to scraping popcorn ceilings and applying knockdown texture, we give you tips on what to do for your home and what your contractor should be using.