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Today, we’re having a light bulb moment! Let’s make a DIY Industrial Wall Pipe Lamp together! Months ago, we bought an industrial pipe lamp off Carousell and have totally fallen in love with it. Since we’re renovating the office, we decided to make a supersized version for one of our sets. After weeks of research …

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An industrial-style interior design is always special because it has a very unique look and atmosphere. This is a style that doesn’t suit all the rooms of a home but which can be beautifully used in a person’s favor in certain cases. The home office is one of the rooms that could greatly benefit from …

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Industrial style is characterized by utilitarian surfaces, stripped-back architecture and salvaged objects. Almost in every industrial interior you’ll find rough weathered wood surfaces, exposed bricks, bare concrete elements, iron pipes and so on. Composition “Dat Groove” belongs to the artist Audionautix. License: Creative Commons Attribution ( Artist: #loft #industrial #designinterior #industrialstyle #loftstyle #industrialloft #loftapartment #DIY

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Combining elements of industrial design with contemporary decor and accessories, these offices promise to offer the best of both worlds. While some seem like a natural extension of the living space, others offer private, secluded dens that allow you to get the job done in peace. #loft #industrial #industrialstyle #loftstyle #industrialloft #office #officedesign #idustrialoffice Subscribe …

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Industrial Style Living Room Interior Design Ideas Music: Youtube Library

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A home in Rancho Santa Margarita got a complete kitchen overhaul with the help of APlus contractors. Before The former kitchen was rather basic and cookie cutter. It had typical wood cabinets in a bulky build, as well as generic dark granite countertops. The owners were seeking a more modernized look that had a mixture …

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A common mistake in the working from your own home is poorly organized space to work. A well-designed home office will increase your efficiency. So, if you want to have an interesting and cool home office, you should try these fascinating industrial home office design ideas. Music: Wish You’d Come True

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Stunning images of industrial style living rooms. Music: Tracks Of My Fears Downloaded it from the YouTube Audio Library

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In this video I discuss how to put metal mesh to work in your home. As an architect I’m always searching for new materials to use in my residential work. I’m particularly drawn to adapting simple, utilitarian, industrial materials for use in the home. Industrial metal mesh is an excellent example of this and one …

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If you intend to decorate your bedroom in industrial style, you can without any problem to recycle different items that you no longer use. Do you have a metal pipe that is in sight and annoy you? Try to highlight it, rather than hide it behind a cabinet. Music: purpleplanetmusic Hard Trance Downloaded it from

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