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Interview Questions for .Net Architecture.What encouragement preparation would you demand being capable to do this .Net Architecture job?What is most significant to you in an Executive .Net Architecture position?What achievements have you gained working as an expertise .Net Architecture?How would you describe your work style?Do you prefer to work independently or on a team?

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Design Inspiration For Modern Living In my day to day business of selling houses in the urban core, we hear a lot about interior design and architecture more so than furniture design. I am excited to introduce you to Dustin Kroft, a locally based modern furniture designer and maker. VIew the blog here:

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Featuring the work of five female innovators in architecture, urban and landscape design, The exhibition Urbanistas highlights the contribution that women are making to the design of our cities and represents some of the best work created by women in practice. Curated by award-winning author and critic Lucy Bullivant, Hon FRIBA, the exhibition explores sustainable, …

0 0 how to change out an old gas fireplace and replace with a brand new modern gas fireplace. A lot of customers wonder if this type of investment is worth it? Well hear from a real life client Taylor, and hear his thoughts about the process.

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Sleek lines, honest materials and—dare we say it—sexy curves, abound in the designs of today’s exclusive interview subject’s work. We sit down with the founder and lead designer of Skram Furniture, Jacob Marks, who talks with us about what inspires him, how he got into the furniture making business and what books are by his …

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March 13, 2010 – Join Robb & Stucky for a 2 Minute Style Magazine. Includes interview with TV Celebrity Designer Thom Filicia. See the latest design trends and learn interior decorating tricks from the experts!

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WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU is often the last question you will be asked in an interview. Prepare for it. This is your chance to restate the skills you possess that are most relevant to the position and to summarize your other qualities that make you the perfect person for the job, and that’s why …