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Creating a concept for the design, not just selecting a style, is the ideal outcome of this design process and become an essential step in the architectural design of any of our work. Solidifying an initial concept does not have to be an overly indulgent. Concepts continue itself towards our clients characters.

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Drawing With Surface Book 2 Tutorial #8: Experimenting SketchBook Software – Wavy Lines In Landscape 8:24 This is my very first experience of using SketchBook software on Surface Book 2. As you may know by now, previous 7 tutorials been experimented with Sketchable software and there have been some perfect and some not so “perfect” …

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This video will show you how to add contour lines.

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Line quality is very important. Here’s how to make your drawings look more professional. This is a re-edited video from before. â–ºSUBSCRIBE â–ºLearn how to draw with pencils with my step by step drawing tutorials. Let me show you how to draw anything from beginning to the end. For some subject like drawing animals, blocking …

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See all Interior Design videos at — Once you have finalized Flooring material, next you have to figure out what kind of pattern or flooring layout will get created in the room. Flooring material always come in the form of small slabs or tiles. Big Floor of a room will get covered by these Tiles …

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See all Interior Design videos at — Imagine your room completely empty. No furniture no stuff inside. Draw this rough floor plan in your on a piece of paper. Now start drawing paths that will go between any entries into the room to any other entry into the room. For example path running between Main …

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So you bought some foam balls online for making ornaments but when you try to start marking the poles and equator you discover there are no factory marking to help you along. This video is to help you mark your ball without the help of factory markings. Learn more about making handmade Christmas ornaments using …

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A video tutorial on drawing and coloring an architectural drawing located in Aswan, Egypt. we will go through different phases from the sketching till the final product. A video by : ALI Sabaawi song : Bondax – All Inside

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Whenever you wish to decorate or redecorate, the most common advice that comes your way is pick a style and stick to it. So what exactly are those style? What defines a style and how many of them are there today? To be honest, every home has it’s own style, but we have some broad …

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[HD] 1.29.13 – This is my Landscape Design 381 class exercise on plant forms in elevation. Help support me and my landscaping by checking out my facebook page: Please comment and give me feedback if you want. Thanks!

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