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Jean-Marie Lombard a planché plus de 2 ans sur la conception de ce nouvel espace qui ouvrira ses portes le 14 juillet sur près de 800 m2 au premier étage du Temple de la Mer. 🌊 Rencontre avec l’architecte du projet de l’agence KOYA Architecture & Scénographie #PrincesdesOceans Réalisation/Montage : Morgane Goulot Images : Frédéric …

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The Top 10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World Visit Our Website for More Luxury Architecture: 1. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia 2. Duomo Di Milano, Italy 3. Borgund Stave Church, Norway 4. Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia 5. Sacré-cœur, Paris, France 6. St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City 7. Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris 8. St. Paul’s …

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Luxury Mediterranean style interiors. Rich, warm and earthy textures are the basic of any Mediterranean-style home. Colorful patterned tile, wrought iron, bright textiles and rustic wood beams are found in Mediterranean interior design, while terra-cotta tiles, stately columns, stucco and stone exteriors and arched windows are well-known exterior Mediterranean features. Read more:

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Inside the World’s Most Expensive Penthouse in Monaco | $335 Million Visit Our Website for More Luxury Architecture: There’s real estate that’s so luxurious and so intriguingly over the top that it’s not out of the realm to wonder who, exactly, is buying it. Such is the case with a five-story penthouse inside Monaco’s tallest …

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The History Of The House On The Cliff! Visit Our Website for More Luxury Architecture: The Cliff House was a huge castle that was built above Ocean Beach, in west San Francisco in the 19th century. It has five major incarnations since its beginnings in 1858 for unknown reasons! ————————————————————— Welcome to Architecture Youtube Channel …

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