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Amazing modern interior design ideas. Spacious and bright home interiors. MUSIC: ATTRIBUTION ‘Music by Epidemic Sound (

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Architect Jérôme Vinçon believes that with architecture, like clothing, made-to-measure buys a lot more than ready-to-wear. When his friends Michel Craca and Gaelle Potel bought a tiny apartment (next door to the restaurant in Paris’ Montparnasse where he’s head chef and she’s maitre d’) and asked for his help, he delivered a piece of personal …

12 pro tips for getting the most out of your skylights. Bring in sunlight and stars with these architectural approaches: 1) Hide the frame 2) Think big(ger) 3) Deploy as design elements 4) Optimal orientation 5) Shading devices 6) Integration 7) Glazing modifications (etched glass) 8) Passive cooling (stack effect) 9) Movement 10) Contrast control …

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This stunning leisure home has an unusual story. It was built as a second home for a couple who lives in an apartment in São Paulo, but did not want to spend hours on end in the car to get away from the bustling city during weekends. With a small daughter and another baby on …

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Trends Bathroom Design Perspectives – Fresh approach. Trends editorial director Paul Taylor looks at the transformation of a 1980s bathroom by Partners 4. Read more Bathroom stories at Trendsideas Read this eBook Follow us on Facebook

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