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new collect false ceiling design photo 2018 house maps ,contact us for architectural services or visit facebook page

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GEAR UNBOXED Moshi IonSlim 10K battery pack: WD Wireless SSD: Eyemore S1 video camera: Gitzo GHFG1 Gimbal: Photo of the week next theme – LIGHTS – Upcoming workshops: NEWS 1923 Leica prototype sells for 2.4 million eruo Faa bans doors off flights without passenger quick releases Laowa announces 9mm 2.8 zero D for apsc camera …

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two 3d mapping projects using the new DJI Mavic Air and Autodesk Recap photo. first project is a 1 story house located in Los angeles CA, second project is a 1 story commercial project located in Gardena CA.

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Get involved and win! Download cinnac app here for mobile: On Desktop, you can get it at the iOS app store here: And at the Android App here: To win the phone, set up the app and vote on my ‘Travel Photography’ set – a winner will be chosen at random. To win the phone …

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In this video I’m showing you some images from past client work. I don’t often get to show you an entire image set and talk about my thoughts during the photo shoot. In this podcast style video I will be flipping through images on screen while giving you some insight behind the choices I make …

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This is a really great gift idea that you can create yourself! These high quality wine bottle stoppers are topped with a single-sided pendant tray that is perfect for decorating with beautiful papers, glass glitter, photographs, alcohol inks and then covered with a glass cabochon … there is no end to the creative ideas for …

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