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Award winning designs from Penthouses to Studio Apartment, here is a glimpse of some of our best Residential Projects across the world.

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OPEN FOR MORE INFO + WATCH IN HD Hey Guys! Here is a bit of a chat about applications and portfolios for architecture school, hope it’s helpful! ———————————————————————————————– Follow me on: Pinterest – Instagram – lilyketzer Tumblr – ———————————————————————————————- Disclaimer: Not a sponsored video

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Content Page: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: Joseph.ech Song Title: You- Vlog Music Portfolio Guidelines LINKS: What’s going on designers!! Today I go over what a portfolio is and how you can get started creating yours today! Architecture programs will require you to submit a portfolio to be considered into the architecture school so be prepared! …

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This is my printed version of my portfolio which includes 3 years of undergraduate work. There are architectural drawings, models, photographs, videos, and some of my selected personal works.

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3D Interior Design Animation | Interior Architecture and Design Portfolio Our works is in 3D animation involves creating 3D moving images using computer software. These images are made with the use of digital models. After the models have been created, details are added, like building, grass, trees, and any other item that completes a scene. …

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This tutorial explains how to lay out a design portfolio using guides, text placeholders, and simple shapes. I use Illustrator, but the principles apply to most any Adobe program. In part 2, we will implement this layout design in InDesign.

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Concrete furniture designs by Designs by Rudy. A few examples of my recent work. For more deatails visit

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