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More than half of the planet is composed of water and most of the population lives in its vicinity. These sites are increasingly affected by environmental disasters or the increase in water levels caused by global warming, forming a scenario that brings new challenges to the way we live and think the buildings in coastal …

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The 2017 HC&G IDA finalist architecture projects came from Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects, Austin Patterson Disston Architects, and Bates Masi + Architects.

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The 2017 CTC&G IDA finalist interior design projects came from Amanda Martocchio Architecture + Design with Gary Cruz Studio, D2 Interieurs, Carol Flanagan Interior Design LLC, Clean Design Partners, and Wadia Associates.

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The 2017 CTC&G IDA finalist architecture projects came from Nautilus Architects, Neil Hauck Architects LLC, Amanda Martocchio Architecture + Design, Wadia Associates and Sabine’s NewHouse with Saniee Architects.

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Looking for easy DIY projects to upgrade the look of your Dollar Tree or Dollar Store items on a budget? Well, check this video out. Oh, and be sure to share with others! They definitely want to know about it. ——— ➤ What I Used: Frame… + 8 x 10 Frame (Dollar Tree) + Rustoleum …

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In this video I show 10 easy but gorgeous DIY school supplies – DIY Gold and Glitter scissors and ruler, DIY Pom-pom Pen and Drinking Straws Pen, DIY Pencil case made with clear tape and sprinkles, two DIY notebooks, DIY Pineapple pencil topper, DIY eraser bookmarks and awesome DIY Flower Backpack. The first DIY is …

More info related to our diy home projects video: ————————– Info: Press CC to turn on/off subtitles More home and decorating ideas visit our site ————————– 1.►0:35|Lay peel-and-stick vinyl flooring. 2.►1:05|Install bead board wallpaper. 3.►1:35|Ditch the colorful 1960s-style bathroom for a repainted modern look: Source 1: Source 2: 4.►2:15|Paint your tile in a cool …

Earthship resources How to achieve sustainable living Hacking the earthship Earthship systems What are earthships? Michael Reynolds invented the earthship concept, and his company Earthship Biotecture designs, plans, and builds passive solar off grid sustainable earthship homes around the world.

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Our porch needed a bench. I rectified the problem. Admittedly, the design probably works better as a coffee table. That said, it is made out of cherry wood and features lots of weird angles. Please watch, enjoy, subscribe and share. Thanks! —————————– TOOLS —————————– Incra T-Rule (the marking square thing) – Arm R Seal Urethane …