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revised 40 x 30 shipping container home plus garage. Get Friggin Awesome Apparel @

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If you follow shipping container homes on Instagram, you are definitely familiar with ModernBlox already. ModernBlox’s goal is to change the way you live and do business. Their secret lies in metal shipping containers. The co-founders Lee Easton,  Swapneel Deshpande, Ben Loh, and Chad McGruder convert metal shipping containers into homes and business units that can be delivered …

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Shipping container home made in china Some examples include, perhaps you can make the idea of construction of containers for your residence and family but if you want to order it you can message at Alibaba

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Shipping container home 3 bedroom maybe you’re looking for ideas and make sure what you are looking for is on our channels

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shipping container home interior walls Maybe you’re looking for his ideas well certainly in our channels you will get what you are looking Inside Shipping Container Homes

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Stunning Rrg Shipping Container Cabin #2 with Two Bedrooms and One Bath This is a brand new cabin made of shipping containers with 1100 square feet of space. It has two bedrooms and one bath and a complete kitchen with stainless appliances and concrete counter tops. The covered porch has a great view of the …

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WATCH THIS VIDEO HERE: If you love shipping container homes and are planning for a holiday or a vacation it’s possible to fulfill your dreams by staying in a shipping container accommodation. This video brings to you 15 Amazing Shipping Container Home Rentals Listed on Airbnb in the United States. This video will focus the …

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Now this shipping container house is stunning! Over the years, architectural firm Jendretzki has been involved in various projects in the US and around the world. Their work is inspired by a desire to combine the personal with powerfully modern renditions – and this is exactly what you will experience on today’s container home tour. Completed in 2013, …

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Check out Deek’s Book “Microshelters” HERE: King Connect OMNI Antennas HERE: Deek’s Workshops (Tiny House Building and Green Building and Design)- HERE: In this short clip, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen swings by the ports of Boston to re-check out a coffee shop (and other nearby kiosks and stores) that have been built from repurposed shipping containers. …

From the architect: The project is a home inside a container, which we call “Pocket House”. This project provides architecture with the principles of sustainability and mobility. The existing civil work was only the basis of the container. The rest of construction was just an installation. The measurements are standardized shipping container. For the Pocket …

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