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We are excited to introduce our NEW 2017 AIA & IDCEC Course on “The Importance of Office Design and Success”.

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Watch Mark Richardson, renowned speaker, author, and influencer in the remodeling world share insights on the following: – Why do some remodeling businesses grow and others don’t? – What are the three keys to success? – How can I take my business to the next level? – Where does my business dashboard measure up to …

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Nothing seems to be more taboo these days than a frank talk about, well, money. We have invited Mark LePage, Andrew Hawkins and Jes Stafford to answer all your questions about invoices, expenses, budgeting and anything else you need to know in order to turn a profit. Because, as Oscar Wilde famously remarked, “When bankers …

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How to Succeed in Architecture: Start Your Own Business Planned and produced by Novedge: Panelists: Neal Pann: and Mark R. LePage: and Audrey Sato: Have you ever thought to yourself how much better it would be if you could be your own boss? You are not alone: according to the AIA, a quarter of all …

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