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Hit the like button and don’t forget to share… CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO IF YOU WANT TO WATCH THIS VIDEO AS Or else you can use YouTube speed control option Check out my other videos: Modern House Designs(Playlist) : Revit Tips and Tricks(Playlist): Revit Architecture Families and Templates Not Installed(Solved!) Complete Plan In AutoCAD Only …

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In this video we set up ViewModel and LiveData for firstName. We’re using the Android Architecture Components in Android Studio 3.1.

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Let’s build a simple UI in Android Studio using ConstraintLayout. We’ll use ViewModel and LiveData in the next tutorial!

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Open Android Studio, and follow along as we use the Android Architecture Components to build an native app! Request a video here:

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SIGN UP FOR MY CLASS AT This is a run through of how to solve the ARE 4.0 building section vignette for the construction documents and services architecture exam using NCARB’s vignette software. I really hope you find this helpful and if you find you need more guidance, consider taking my class on How to …

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how you can make 2 STOREY RESIDENTIAL BUILDING MINIATURE FULL DETAILED ARCHITECTURAL model BUILT WITH paper & foam core model all at home with the help of simple material, tools & Tricks. This is a detailed video on how you can make it step by step basic for all the models are same but its …

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This is a complete workflow video tutorial of how to post-processing black and white architecture fine art photography. here is the outline of this video, in case you want to know what I did in this video: A. Lightroom Library module 1. Showing the photo and metadata (00:00-00:10). Develop module 2. Fix lens distortion (00:10-00:19) …

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Use the Android Architecture Components to send data from one Fragment to another Fragment. We’ll use LiveData and ViewModel. Connect with me on LinkedIn:

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